Parkland Burn Camp I-Thonka-Chi

Dallas Firefighters Chapter 8

Irving Chapter 58


What a wonderful day we had for our 4th Burn Camp Run. After months of planning, organizing, soliciting and agonizing over details, we had the best run ever! We overcame some changes in state law and changes in our membership and rallied-on for our cause, always keeping in mind that this is all about the kids. Once again, Richard Jolly and Rebel Burkhalter led our effort and we had many, many sponsors and contributors to make this a great success.

On Friday before the Run Day, Richard, Gary L, Claude, Jerry, Bo and Rebel met at Willie’s to sort out materials for the individual stops. On Saturday, May 13th, we started the day again at Willie’s, of course, selling tickets and t-shirts. The poker run was changed to a dart contest and everyone seemed to really get into it and have some fun. Other stops on the dart run included Adair’s, Chaser‘s Lounge, Fat Daddy’s, M & M Pouring Company, Reno’s and Strokers Ice House. M & M also raffled a donated van. The Band “The Hot House” played at Strokers and donated their performance. Rick Fairless donated what would have been spent on the band, and the stage set-up for our finale.

The Dallas Derby Devils volunteered again this year to help sell tickets and lend support at each stop along with Dallas and Irving members. Jim Phillips, David Smith, Paul Walukas, Hoyt Hubbell, Blaine Danyluk and Robert Russ helped man the dart boards. Bo Culp and Jerry Rushing kept the motorcycle parking and traffic flowing at Willie’s. Jim and Judy Pharr, Mindy Lovell, Claude and Cindy Bullard, Gary and Jennifer Freeman, and Bones Nicholes sold tickets and set-up prizes for the drawing at Willie’s. Some great prizes were donated!

Chapter Directors Richard Jolly and Rebel Burkhalter worked tirelessly to keep things running smoothly and led the parade from Willie’s, past Parkland Hospital, to Strokers for the fifty/fifty and finale. The parade was escorted by Dallas Fire Department EMS 783, Truck 19, Engine 19, Truck 3, Truck 43 and Engine 43. Rebel also arranged for an antique fire truck from Irving. Judy Pharr and Mindy Lovell set-up a video camera on the route to capture the parade in motion. All in all, 115 bikes participated, along with the firefighting equipment mentioned.

At Strokers, Dallas Treasurer Jennifer Freeman and Irving Treasurer Bones Nicholes were kept very busy as the monies were counted and accounted for. We enjoyed the band and Mama Fairless’ burgers and beer. Richard announced the winners of the best and worst hands on the dart games and those winners donated the money back to the Burn Camp.

We extended thanks to all the motorcycle clubs attending including Scorpions MC Dallas, Scorpions MC South Dallas, Gryphons MC, Junkyard Dogs MC, Banshees, Wolverines MC and especially to all the Wind and Fire chapters, Dallas, Irving, Corsicana, Mid-Cities & Lone Star. A big thanks was given to our outstanding contributors and supporters.

We ended the day with close to $25,000 for the Parkland Burn Camp.

For the children, we thank you!

A ceremonial check for $24,460 was delivered on June 7th to Camp I-Thonka-Chi. More donations are still to be collected. Making the run were seventeen bikes with riders Richard Jolly, Bo Culp, Jerry Rushing, Hoyt Hubbell, Gary Lovell, Paul Walukas, David Smith Claude & Cindy Bullard, Jim Pharr, Kitty & Rebel Burkhalter and his daughter, Grant Blake, Steve Grothe, Mike Dorety and friends Ike Griffith, Don Lovell, Levi Whitlow. They were joined at camp by Carrollton firefighters who cooked hamburgers for everyone.

A total of 71 children attended the camp. The Burn Camp Run was a huge success.

Dallas Chapter #8: Richard Jolly - Chapter Director, Jerry Rushing - VP, Ken Sutcliffe - Secretary, Jennifer Freeman - Treasurer, Gary Lovell - Road Captain, Gary Freeman - Sergeant-at-Arms. Claude Bullard, Roland Cale, Bo Culp, Denny Hagen, Hoyt Hubbell, Dusty Ledbetter, Jim Pharr, Jim Phillips, Reid Russell, Robert Russ, Tim Seymore, David Smith & Paul Walukas. Jimmy Jones, Bob Keaveny, James Keene, Rodger Schuelke, Larry Clearman, Brian Partington, Henry Castro, Contreras Sandini,  Mike Otto, Devin Holt, Pat Murphy, Ron Franks & Sammy Williams.

Associate Members: Cindy Bullard, Scott De Paw, Paul Jacobs, Mindy Lovell & Judy Pharr.

Irving Chapter #58: Rebel Burkhalter - Chapter Director, Grant Blake - VP, Josh “Bones” Nicholes - Treasurer, David “Goose” Giesecke - Sergeant-at-Arms, James “Big Mush” Mershon, - Road Captain, Bruce Riebly - Southern Rally Director, Sam Allen, Snake Clifton, Mike Evitts, Steve Grothe

Associate Members: Kitty Burkhalter, Judy Evitts, Nita Grothe, Cheryl Mershon - Secretary & Erlene Riebly.




Wind & Fire Burn Camp Run Major Contributors 2006:

*Willie’s Lounge *Jim Sewell *Rick Fairless Strokers Dallas

*M & M Pouring Company *Vern’s Open Golf Tournament

*Reno’s Chop Shop *Chaser’s Lounge *Adair’s Bar & Grill

*Dallas Derby Devils *Fat Daddy’s Hamburgers

*Members of Dallas Fire-Rescue *Retired Dallas Firefighters

*Sandone’s Production Inc. *Texas Graphic Resources Inc.

*Pony X-Press Printing *Dallas Firefighters Local 58

*Strokers Ice House *Irving Professional Firefighters Assoc.

*Cactus Environmental Services *Texas Fire Museum

*Year Round Lawn Care *Doddie’s Sea Food

*Smokin Joe’s Hot Dogs *House of Pain

*Coats Aloe Int’l Inc. *J.C. Pennys Legal

*American Legion Post 81 *Larry Goldsmith

*Chupik Tree Service *VFW Post 7843 *Texas Leathers

*Two Wheel World Garland Inc. *Scorpions M/C Dallas

*Scorpions M/C South Dallas *Gryphons M/C

*Banshees M/C *Wolverines M/C *Chromed Out Magazine

*Tim Seymore Homes *Tim Johnson Homes

*Suds & Butterfly *Hardcore Kustom *Superior Lawn & Landscape

*Gary & Jennifer Freeman * Jess & Lara Lovell

*Euless Guns & Ammo *Cedar-Ville Pest Control

*Portor’s Army/Navy *Custom Motorcycles of Dallas

*Rebel Arts *Barbara Rudasill *Clay Rudasill

*Diane Perkins *Cara Cross *Bryan White

*Lindsey’s Tree Service *White Rock Custom

*Sonya’s Place *Paul’s Pawn Shop, Duncanville

*Texas Star Alarms *James Coleman

*Retired NFL Players Assoc. *Payne in the Glass

*Dallas Hispanic Firefighters Assoc *R.D. Jolly Painting

*Members of WFMC Dallas Chapter #8 and Irving Chapter #58