Chapter 8 Christmas Party on Antelope Way

If you “HAVE TO PARTY” there’s a certain barn on Antelope Way in Forney, Texas where they know how to do it right. December 15th , 2007 was a damn cold night for a motorcycle party. Still, Claude Bullard kept us warm with a turbo blast furnace that sounded like a jet engine and crisped everyone that was a little too close. We learned real quick what was too close.

Everyone brought great food and, of course, lots of byob. Cindy and Claude decorated for Christmas and had tables set-up. Turns out the Antelope Way bunch can set-up for a party with just a few minutes notice… something about frequency.

It was great to see our Antelope Way Club buds and looks like we might have their support again for the burn camp this year. Folks promise a lot of stuff over beers! All kidding aside, they are great supporters of Chapter 8 and Wind & Fire.

There was a little heated discussion over the upcoming football games, ( both our favorites ending up losing). Go… Green Bay! Go... Cowboys! (we did NOT have too many drinks) Then we had our “Dirty Santa” and it was amazing the lengths some supposedly quiet folks will go for a bottle of Crown Royal.

Chapter 8 members attending were Gary & Mindy Lovell, Jim & Julie Phillips, Bebo Pharr, Gary Freeman, Mike & Diana Mulltop, Jerry Rushing & gal friend, David & Debbie Smith, Probie Rick Gattis & fiance Shelley, Paul & Julie Walukas, Prez Richard Jolly and hosts Cindy & Claude Bullard. We all came early and stayed late…. good times, good people.

Our Antelope Way friends and family included Angelina & Byron, Austin, Faye & Mike, Ed & Lisa, John & Ruth, Kent, Willie & Ashley, Troy, Pat & Rex, Blain & Bridget, John, Russell & Marilan, Kenny & Jennifer, Dale & Mindy and sons, Vivian & Roger, Cindy & Claude's daughter, Amber.

Thanks to Cindy & Claude (and Antelope Way) for a great Chapter 8 Christmas!

by Cindy and Mindy