Wind and Fire Motorcycle Club Charity

Parkland Burn Camp I-Thonka-Chi

Dallas Firefighters Chapter 8

Irving Chapter 58


Every year we try to raise enough money to send one more child to burn camp. This year was exceptional and will be a hard year to follow.

We started organizing in January. Richard Jolly contacted all his sponsors from last year and they were proud to help again. Several new sponsors wanted to be “stops” on the poker run, but we had filled all those slots. So, more donations were given and the 2007 campaign began.

Hoyt Hubbell organized the station donation drive by giving out a packet on April 2nd to every

every Dallas Fire Station, providing all firefighters with a chance to help. Donations were picked up on April 16th .

Sunday, April 15th,, Richard, Reed Bo, Hoyt, Claude & Cindy and Gary & Mindy set-up tents and tables at Wal-Mart in Rockwall to pass out flyers for the 1st Annual Fish Fry and our Burn Camp Poker Run. We also set-up a great photo shoot with Bo’s famous “Best at Rally” bike. Many children and some adults were proud to have a picture made sitting on a real fireman’s motorcycle. Lots of information was passed out about the Fish Fry and Poker Run.

The “Vern” Open is held each year at Creek View Country Club in Crandall. Started by David Norberg, a Dallas Firefighter, 8th District, “A” Shift, aka “Vern”, the classic was held this year on April 18th. Bo, Gary, Hoyt, Mike and Claude all helped out. Bo and Hoyt actually played in the tournament. Claude paid his money but didn’t play because he didn’t want to leave mad. 95% of those who played were Dallas Firefighters, active and retired.

Cindi and Claude’s neighborhood gang, the Antelope Way Country Club, had a great impromptu block party and became our first “Neighborhood Sponsor” (pictures on the website)

Rebel, Bones and Goose reported that the Irving Chapter had great success with their raffle of a shotgun. They also worked with the Dallas Derby Devils to raise money and passed out packets to the Irving Fire Stations.

Our 1st Annual Fish Fry was held in Chisholm at Brandolini’s Restaurant and front lawn on May 5th. trying to avoid the rain. Sponsors Tom, Janet and Mel Richmond served a great buffet of “all you can eat” and we sold homemade cookies and pecan pies. Our largest group of the day was the Antelope Way Country Club, with Terrell’s “Junkyard Dawgs” a close second. Motorcyclers and firefighters from Dallas, Irving, Terrell and all around the area came by to eat and we made some new friends , too. We had a wonderful turnout and it only rained a little.

May 12th was our big day! Willie’s Lounge once again hosted our Burn Camp Poker Run and we were proud to present vests and colors to our new associates, owner Jackie Ragsdale and our favorite bartender Paula Watson. Riders started the poker run at 10:00 with last rider in at 2:00. We sold out of patches quickly. We had pins, t-shirts and 50-50 chances along with a great dart-poker game. Copper Spur raffled off a car and we had lots of donations, including gift cards and motorcycle apparel for our door prizes. (Rebel donated a beautiful necklace and Bo donated some real nifty knives!)

Scott of Smoking Joe‘s Hotdogs sold hotdogs and chili pies outside of Willie’s, then donated the profits back to the burn camp. We were blessed with many such sponsors.

Just when we assembled for our pre-ride meeting for the parade thru downtown Dallas to Strokers, it started to rain. One of the Chaplain’s from the Dallas Fire Department blessed the ride and the rain cleared up a little bit. 119 riders finally took off, led by International Honorary Member Rick Fairless. Fire apparatus from Station 19 , Station 18, Station 36 and Station 43 joined the parade at one point or another. Dallas Police Department helped block some of the 80-plus intersections and the ten mile ride went without a stop or a hitch.

Wind & Fire Chapters that attended included Dallas, Irving, Mid-Cities, Lone Star, Los Bomberos, Cen-Tex,  and Texas Fire Dogs. We had five Texas Chapter Presidents, one International Honorary Member, and all three International Board Members from Texas! Among the other motorcycle clubs included Griffins, Scorpions, Bandidos, Leathernecks and Junkyard Dawgs. We had two large groups of wing-nuts attending, too. We will take money from anyone for a good cause.

The ride was a little damp but the spirits were high as we rolled into Strokers Ice House for our grand finale. Richard and Rebel hosted a great auction. The winners of the 50-50 and the “best and worst” hands of the poker run were announced and the money was given back to the pot for the kids! The car was won by Mike Dorety of the Los Bomberos Chapter and he is going to use it for a raffle for injured Wind and Fire member Ken Dunnigan.

Everyone enjoyed the music by the band “Hot House”, led by John Shook and Park Mainz, Dallas Firefighters. Mama Fairless cooked a mean burger with a great smile and the beer at Rick’s place was nice and cold. Rick really made us feel welcome…again.

When things started to calm down at Stroker’s some of the real “Stayers” moved on to a new sponsor, the Marti Gras Restaurant, who donated a percentage of their profits from 18:00 till 02:00. I might add the Lone Star and Dallas Chapters were very well represented at this gathering!! It was a great ending to a great day.

June 8th marked the official end of the 2007 W&F MC Dallas / Irving burn run. We began gathering at Willie’s 08:00, made several stops along the way to pick up members and arrived at Camp I-Thonka-Chi with 14 bikes and 16 people at about 11:00 hrs. Thirteen bikes were W&FMC and the other a Scorpion.

We played with the kids, talked to the councilors, ate lunch, and enjoyed the hospitality of the “Camp”.

Oh yea, Richard and Rebel did present the usual ceremonial check ---and one last bag of money for the year making the grand total for 2007-----$33,841.58.

We’re already thinking about how in the world are we going to top this next year. Stay tuned, we are going to give it a whirl!!!!!!




Dallas Chapter #8: President Richard Jolly; Vice-President Jerry Rushing; Secretary Bo Culp; Treasurer Jennifer Freeman; Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Freeman and Road Captain Gary Lovell; Members: Claude Bullard, Roland Cale, Denny Hagen, Hoyt Hubbell, Mike Multop, Pat Murphy, Jim Pharr, James Phillips, Robert Russ, Reed Russell, David Smith, Paul Walukas

Associates: Cindy Bullard, Mindy Lovell, Judy Pharr, Julia Phillips, Jackie Ragsdale and Paula Watson

International Board Member: Gary Lovell

Irving Chapter #58: President Rebel Burkhalter; Vice-President Grant Blake; Sargeant-at-Arms David “Goose” Giesecke; Treasurer Josh “Bones“ Nicholes; Road Captain James “Big Mush” Mershon

Members: Steve Grothe, Bruce Reibly, Mike Evitts, Sam Allen, L.O. “Rubber-snake” Clifton

Associates: Kitty Burkhalter, Judy Evitts, Nita Grothe; Cheryl Mershon- Secretary, and Erlene Reibly

International Board Member: Bruce Reibly