On March 5th, Bo & Linda Culp were the first to head out from Dallas to the Eastern Rally in New Smyrna Beach. Reid Russell left the next day to visit kinfolk along the way. Gary Lovell and Hoyt Hubbell left on the 7th, spent the night in Hattiesburg MS. On the 8th they stopped at Mobile Bay to tour the USS Alabama. It was quite a site. They slept in Tallahassee Fl then rode on the white beaches at Daytona on the way to Titusville.

Jerry Rushing finally decided to hit the road on March 8th and had to beat feet to get to meet everybody in Titusville on the 10th.

The Eastern Rally, sponsored by Central Florida Chapter #80 and Space Coast Chapter #71, had a good turnout and Texas was welcomed to breakfast and rally. Bo Culp won the Best Bike award. Gary was glad to catch up with Bill & Diane Jones from Wisconsin, Chaplain Mark Rittermeyer & wife, Lynn Kerstetter from Space Coast and Bill Delapp from Oswego NY, who always make the Eastern.

On March 11, Jerry headed home, Linda caught a plane and the rest of us headed to the Kennedy Space Center for a the grand tour. We had dinner that night on Coco Beach.

The next day Reid got an early start toward home, Bo followed a couple hours behind and Gary and Hoyt headed for Deal’s Gap by way of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. The weather was crisp and there was still some snow on the parkway. The views were spectacular. They stopped at “The Crossroads of Time” (which had been greatly modernized and expanded since our last trip five years ago). Riding the dragon, 318 curves in 11 miles, is still fun after all these years. Gary and Mindy first discovered this ride in the 1970’s.

Gary and Hoyt spent the night in Maryville, TN listening to tall tales from Gary’s former Dallas Fire Captain John Boaz and his very patient wife, Pat. March 14th found the duo in Jackson, TN having supper with friends of Hoyt. They spent the night in Forest City AR, then headed home on the 15th. Another nice little trip of 3000 miles.