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Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club International President: John Robbins
Dallas Firefighters Chapter #8 Chapter Director: Richard Jolly

Chapter History Through 2007

We fly our colors at Willie’s Lounge in Dallas. Twice a month, come rain or shine, we meet at Willie’s for club business, and any other b.s. we can throw in. It’s our favorite hangout, party spot and a starting place for many of our rides and rallies. We give great big thanks and hugs to owner Jackie Ragsdale.

Chapter #8 started out in 1992 with Jimmy Jones as the “Texas Chapter President”. He was soon joined by Bob Keavney, James Keene and others around the state in Lubbock and San Angelo. As Wind and Fire spread in Texas, other chapters were established and Chapter #8 became Dallas Firefighters Chapter #8. Today we have 22 active dues paying members and 6 active associates. We also have 16 inactive members that we are working on. Let’s roll!